Like a swagger in my heart

When you earn more money and feel more successful, it also has a trickle-down effect on your personal life. You get your swagger back, you feel more joy, and–miraculously–even your relationships get better!


So clear your head, focus on the task at hand, and do your job.


Obstacles, of course, are developmentally necessary: they teach kids strategy, patience, critical thinking, resilience and resourcefulness.  ~ Naomi Wolf


Rather than dig yourself into a deeper hole by allowing life’s challenges to get the best of you, dig deep down into yourself and start to sell your way out of it!


See you at the Summit!  




Mile One
Cost $5
Creates $15 and away you go to Mile Two

Mile Two
Cost $15
Creates $45 and away you are over to your 3rd mile.

Mile Three
Cost $45
Creates $135 and you are at the Summit with $70 to spare off to your final 4th mile to bring back friends and family $50 Bronze Plus Summit $15 Admin fee=$65.

Mile Four
Cost $70
Creates $210

Pick up 3 family or friends to meet us at the Summit- $65 each= $195 for the Bronze Level $10 for Sponsor to help toward their next member to join us at the Summit –$5.00 for processor fees.


In today’s society, there’s a strong demand for people to create their own economies. Jobs are scarse and their is no longer such thing as job security. Most people are barely just making ends meet and are tired of the struggle.

Meet Us At The Summit is the tool to help propel you to success and help you and many others who are ready right now to climb to the top!

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels to make more money… Then keep reading!

We developed Meet Us At The Summit  to take the hardwork out of building a team while creating residual prosperity.


No Starter Level Here... 

With Summit77 new compensation plan we are heading faster straight to the Bronze $50 + $15 Summit77 Admin fee = $65

This eliminates the Optional $30 Starter Level There is Bronze-Silver-Gold now exciting new additional levels of Diamond and THE HUGE DOUBLE DIAMOND!

It only takes 4 exciting miles to get there too!! And the most affordable weekly plan to get you through the miles lightening fast.

You start your first mile with one $5 subscription a very low cost of $20 per month. To eventually earn many multiple positions in the Bronze Level.


Would that extra money relieve any stress you may be feeling now?

In speaking with people around the globe, I have noticed there are 2 things in common that most
people want to accomplish in their life

This seems to be a Universal message….
1. They want to make sure their family has all their needs taken care of … and they are financially secure.
2. They want to be able to give back to their Communities and help others in need.

The best way to help the poor is not be poor yourself! If you are not currently making $10,000 per month or more in your home business … what is your plan to get there?

Do you have a solid game plan to get it done?

Success to You!

Stop Wasting Time With Business Opportunities That Just Don’t Work

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With Summit77 You Will:

-Never Break-Away From Your Sponsor

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